Change Begins With You


Change begins with you.  If you want to change your life, you must tweak a few things in order to get different results. If you are unhappy with your current circumstances, you must change.

If you choose to keep going, everyday the cost will get higher and HIGHER.  It will always show up somewhere in some shape or form.  It is likely to bleed into every part of your life- even the good parts that are working!

What is something that you want to change in your life? Maybe it’s a job, your negative thinking, a relationship, lack of money, dealing with your children, saving for retirement, whatever it is, pick one.  Now write a list of all the reasons, the excuses that are stopping you from reaching your goal and changing the situation. Write as many as you can think of.

I am willing to go on the limb here and say if you look at your list, there would be one specific thing missing. Continue reading “Change Begins With You”

Power of Personal Responsibility

As someone who has trained flourishing entrepreneurs and professionals across the globe, it is fascinating to me what people aspire to do when motivated and when they truly accept their own personal

They have a presence of magic discovered in each step they take and their life just blossoms.

Not only do they increase their own confidence with each responsibility taken but they are connected more with a sense of truth of what life is supposed to be for themselves.  They fully witness and connect to their authentic nature which they may have buried beneath other people’s needs.     Continue reading “Power of Personal Responsibility”