What’s Your Story?


Can Storytelling Give you an Edge in Your Business and Career?

After 17+ years as a Business Strategist, Sales and Marketing Expert I know today more than any other time in business history, the WORLD is LISTENING.  Questions is, are they listening to you and your message?

Your story is your personal brand.

Have you discovered it and how are you sharing it?

Is it aligned with who you truly are?

Last week, I attended an event in Hamilton called Tweetstock: Those Who Tell Stories Rule The World and I learned more nuggets about the art of telling our stories in today’s technological times.

What all speakers shared on stage was the VALUE of everyone’s story. Whether you are a business owner or an employee, what sets you apart are the things you stand for, the problems you want to solve and the result of what happened in finding the solution are part of your unique marketing message. Continue reading “What’s Your Story?”