20 Tricks to Set Your Mindset For Success

Don’t be distracted any longer. We all want a happy and successful life. You are probably like me and have many goals you want to achieve. Whether these goals are for your personal-development, life path, business, or family goals, setting

What’s Your Story?

Can Storytelling Give you an Edge in Your Business and Career? After 17+ years as a Business Strategist, Sales and Marketing Expert I know today more than any other time in business history, the WORLD is LISTENING.  Questions is, are

Cornerstones to Wealth and Happiness

Why do certain people become extraordinarily wealthy and fulfilled while others do not? Great wealth, is not just an outer result and it doesn’t happen just by accident. If you have inner wealth, you also will have outer wealth.  It

What You Think, You Become

I am sure you have heard of quotes like this all your life. The difference now is we have science to back up how we manifest things in our life and scientist, Carol Dwek, is just one example to mention.

Change Begins With You

Change begins with you.  If you want to change your life, you must tweak a few things in order to get different results. If you are unhappy with your current circumstances, you must change. If you choose to keep going,

Power of Personal Responsibility

As someone who has trained flourishing entrepreneurs and professionals across the globe, it is fascinating to me what people aspire to do when motivated and when they truly accept their own personal responsibility. They have a presence of magic discovered in each

Build Your Success By Saying ‘No’

“If you want to be successful, this is an invitation to say ‘no’ to the things that don’t really matter, so you have the time, the energy, motivation, and passion to say ‘yes’ to the things you care about.” As Jack Canfield, co-author

What Excites You?

Want to know the special sauce for building a successful business? It’s not just knowing all the best sales techniques, logistics of how to run a business or having valuable connections – it’s YOU and the positive energy you exude.

Financial Fear and Worry Go In Overdrive

For many this is a re-occuring pattern, and stress in these two areas are very common. Doesn’t matter what stage of life you are at, it can haunt you. Whether you are surrounded by additional unexpected costs, misfortune, holiday times

Your Hidden Wealth

Have you noticed the difference in people when their mind, body and spirit are truly connected? Here is what you will find: They are more energetic and in the state of flow. They feel centered and powerful.

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Impressed with Smiljana’s ability to zone into what was holding me back and help me get clear on the opportunities that stood before me. She was helpful, positive, constructive & empowering. Not only did I learn about sales techniques, how to create a system in my business and personal life, I also benefited from the practical & simple marketing tips that helped me achieve my goals.
Meaghan, Victoria, BC
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Empowering professionals to claim their inner Wealth-emotionally, mentally and physically, in order to create more profit and create a bigger difference in the world with their direct or networking business.

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