Cornerstones to Wealth and Happiness

Why do certain people become extraordinarily wealthy and fulfilled while others do not?

Great wealth, is not just an outer result and it doesn’t happen just by accident.

If you have inner wealth, you also will have outer wealth.  It is that simple.

The extraordinarily successful people who make it have habits that set them apart from everyone else.

These five habits can be incorporated into your daily life and if used correctly help you achieve your personal best in order to find your own great success.

1. Find Passion in Work

Extraordinary wealth most often comes from having a passion for what they do, and putting in the long, tedious hours it takes to build something great–rather than just doing well.

2. “The Potential” Wealth

If you read up on many of the world’s wealthiest people, you will rarely hear that their goal was focused on creating money. Why you may ask? Because money is not itself a truly great motivator of excellence; it runs the motor but it rarely is the thing that drives talented people to extraordinary heights. What does drive them is usually something greater from within– a bigger desire to build something sustainable, to disturb the status quo and/or society, to empower communities and make a bigger difference are all responses you often hear from those who have accomplished something great.

3. Focus

Extraordinarily wealthy and successful people possess the ability to focus on the achievement of singular goals. Whereas most people put too much on their plate and split his or her focus to partially satisfy many goals.  The most successful people will also make themselves a priority and isolate the tertiary to focus fully on the important things that will take them forward.

4. Embrace Risk

Extraordinarily wealthy, self-made people that I have met over the years, not one arrived to their success without periods of intense struggle or having to create a new story for their life.

Nearly all of them had at least one moment in their lives where they had to take a lead of faith and risk everything, or where things looked like they might fall apart.

The great entrepreneur knows that they have to learn to embrace risk and step forward in their power when even closest friends and family cry out to save them from pursuing their greater vision.

5. Accept Failure

Most people shy away from their failures. They don’t want to confront them, or even look at them, because the experience is painful. Extraordinarily wealthy people do the exact opposite: They ruthlessly dissect their failure, break it down into its component parts, and assess the various points where they could have taken a greater responsibility and learn from their mistake.

Failure assessment, although difficult at times, is often essential, because it is the most significant factor in preventing additional errors for the same reasons. Most people get discouraged by failure and choose not to accept it for what it is- to learn from!  For successful people, they understand how wasteful it is to repeat a failure, instead they embrace the opportunity to see it as a place where they need learn and grow next to get closer to being all they can be and arriving at a destination where they have tested their true potential-whether their destination is to have more recognition, fame, wealth – those just become the frosting on the cake to their journey to a fulfilling wealthy life.




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