Power of Personal Responsibility

As someone who has trained flourishing entrepreneurs and professionals across the globe, it is fascinating to me what people aspire to do when motivated and when they truly accept their own personal responsibility.th

They have a presence of magic discovered in each step they take and their life just blossoms.

Not only do they increase their own confidence with each responsibility taken but they are connected more with a sense of truth of what life is supposed to be for themselves.  They fully witness and connect to their authentic nature which they may have buried beneath other people’s needs.    
After all, we aren’t supposed to be victims or apathetic people lying around waiting for change to happen.  It is such an easy route to give our power away, blame others, play victim and choose anger but this is really not living your true life.  Life was not meant to be boring, stagnant, surviving and not lived.

Change only happens in two ways, either by something new that comes into our lives that we have to
adapt to or from the power within us which is simply our own personal responsibility.

This might not be the answer you were looking for and maybe it reminds you of being scolded as a child and told to be more responsible but the truth is simply this, that when we do take personal responsibility, a sense of confidence, joy, success, abundance and happiness tags along with it.

The reality is that although we may be going through pain or challenges, and it may appear that the world is caving in, any person who has been successful has themselves transcended challenges and accessed their own power through personal responsibility.

If we take personal control and responsibility in just three areas, our lives would shift dramatically.

Firstly, successful people will pick a DIRECTION.

They look out there and decide what they want, set a direction for who they are and figure out what is meaningful to them.  They might not know the full picture of what they want but because they are driving their life forward from their own intuition and power, every step in their journey is an adventurous one leading them to further clarity.  The path is also filled with more fulfillment as their journey is their own, they are not creating it from the opinions or beliefs of others, nor listening to the should’s and could’s but instead listening to their own hearts.

Secondly, successful people will be more FOCUSED and present.

Being aware in every moment allows you to really excel in the activities at hand, be more productive but also validate what is most important to you. Where are you spending your time and are you 100% focused?

Alertness for the NOW allows you to have more power and reserve your energy from going in different directions.

Also, ask yourself over all in life what are you paying most attention to?  Your life or someone else’s distraction?  It is important to guard the moments of our life and whats most important to us.

Thirdly, successful people have great ATTITUDE.

How do you approach each and every day?  What do you choose day in and day out?  Do you choose anger, upset or the opposite to see the wonderful experiences that can unfold?  Your attitude is a choice and if you carry on with a negative behaviour more often, it becomes your personality.  Have you seen those people who move along in their life always complaining and grunting at this or that?

When you start your day from this ‘closed’ energetic vibration, you close yourself from other people, experiences and whats possible in a day.

When you are energetically ‘open’, you allows yourself to connect to other people, you allow yourself to learn, and to find happiness as it is something you generate even when you might not have been to start.  Your attitude is not fixed on you. You have the ability to control and change your attitude fully with your thoughts and in healthy social ways.

Every successful person has faced either rejection, failure or even tragedy but they do not dwell in the past. This is one of the most valuable pieces of information you can acquire.  They stopped giving their power away to other people and learned from their experiences to access their personal responsibility and inner intuition.

Successful people implement all three of these through their disciplined action to bring them the best in life.  Having clarity around knowing what they want to be like, what they want to give and serve with propel them in a great momentum forward  to more healthy and positive outcomes.  It will also gives them a feeling of progress, confidence and happiness from taking these three steps of direction, focus and attitude

Lastly, the faster you access your power through personal responsibility and put it into action, the more rapidly your own successful results are going to happen!

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