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6 Week Self Leadership Mastery before Team Leadership

What will you walk away with during the 6 Week Leadership Program:

  • Inspire others to work and think independently
  • learn to ask question to bring the best out of your team
  • Learn skills to make you a great leader
  • Gain Confidence, see your strengths and know how to play to these as a leader
  • Exercising your mental strengths so you can live in possibility and strive to create these in reality
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Impressed with Smiljana’s ability to zone into what was holding me back and help me get clear on the opportunities that stood before me. She was helpful, positive, constructive & empowering. Not only did I learn about sales techniques, how to create a system in my business and personal life, I also benefited from the practical & simple marketing tips that helped me achieve my goals.
Meaghan, Victoria, BC
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Empowering professionals to claim their inner Wealth-emotionally, mentally and physically, in order to create more profit and create a bigger difference in the world with their direct or networking business.

Do any of these ring true for you?