What Excites You?


Want to know the special sauce for building a successful business?

It’s not just knowing all the best sales techniques, logistics of how to run a business or having valuable connections – it’s YOU and the positive energy you exude.

What excites you? What excites me is to help Individuals break through to their ideal life and lifestyle, personally growing and contributing by serving the world from their skills and Gifts, teaching them how its ok to be authentically themselves, showing them a way to build time freedom to work from home to be more with those they love, to help people become free from debt, giving hope to others and showing them opportunities, and breaking through their mindset to really free themselves, get healthier in many ways but above all have them feel amazing in Who they truly are excites me. I could go on and on but truthfully it is all that hangs onto my heart.

Hold onto your vision and never let it go. Have purpose, be inspired, motivated and work from the inside out and bring it all to life!

If this excites you too, let’s talk.

Live passionately,



Smiljana Orlic, at www.TheWealthofYou.com is a recognized Canadian Certified Business & Life Enrichment Coach, Sales Expert, Trainer, Speaker, and Your Possibility to Total Freedom. Her articles, blogs and topics blend personal development with solid business strategy and sales. Smiljana offers Coaching and Training to professionals in Canada, the U.S., and Internationally, in-person and by phone.

Smiljana Orlic is currently accepting new clients. If you’d like to become a client, or learn more about Enhancing Your Skills, Attain a Wealthy Mindset, Connect to Your Purpose, Get Unstuck, Learn to Create Your life, please connect with Smiljana by email, at smiljana@thewealthofyou.com.

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