What You Can Achieve With Me?

  • Alignment is everything and I ensure you are aligned with your authentic self. Learn to access Your Wealth. When who you are inside doesn’t match who you are on the outside, you are not fulfilled. The way you live is the fuel for the way you work. Your perspective, your values inform your professional values and the results you achieve.
  • Your Story & Who you are is unique and sculpts your brand, message, potential and purpose. I ensure it is at the heart of what you say, how you live, how you give, how you are being and how you are in your business. I ensure you people buy WHO you are first, not what we DO and they come back again because of THE WAY WE DO what we do.
  • Setting priorities for profit: defining, planning and implementing income producing activities. Discuss best collaboration options for your true abundance.
  • Best time management for profit.
  • Secure your client loyalty by knowing who your perfect clients are and Knowing what service you perfectly provide.
  • Help you discover what is missing to create complete balance and excitement.
  • Teach you the true power of attraction based marketing.
  • Guide you in how to prospect, effectively question and communicate to build your list.
  • Support your understanding in the power of creating systems for your business and personal life. Customize systems that fit you at your core.
  • Create sales and marketing strategic plans that also include the best of media platforms that suit your business.
  • Creating healthy boundaries for optimal achievement.
  • Help you discover your Personal Power Palette so you can work better with yourself and those around you.
  • Show you how to ‘Always be closing’ and gaining commitment to empower individuals in making a decision.
  • Help you create a team to help you do what you do best.
  • Create a compelling presentation and/or workshop.
  • Create Wealthy habits to really excel.
  • Manage Your Emotions and Mindset.
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I came to Smiljana for help when my business was expanding from a small part time owner/operator business to a full time, fully staffed enterprise. By not having the knowledge or expertise in knowing how to do this myself, I contacted Smiljana asking for help. After a few short minutes I was totally amazed at her unlimited knowledge, her resources, abilities and professionalism that were so in tune with my needs. There was no question in my mind that she knew exactly what to do and how to do it…
Gratefully yours, Donna Woods
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Empowering professionals to claim their inner Wealth-emotionally, mentally and physically, in order to create more profit and create a bigger difference in the world with their direct or networking business.

Do any of these ring true for you?