What You Think, You Become


I am sure you have heard of quotes like this all your life.

The difference now is we have science to back up how we manifest things in our life and scientist, Carol Dwek, is just one example to mention.

People are starting to see that the thoughts they hold in their heads are stopping them from achieving their personal best.  These thoughts either bring you closer to what you want to manifest or further away from what you want to manifest.

What we really need to pay attention to is in realizing these thoughts are just the stories we made up to convince ourselves of a belief.  This ‘fixed mindset‘ is the very thing that stops us in our tracks and shapes our limited outcomes!

When you clear your mind of “I can’t”, “I won’t”, and “Its impossible”, a whole new door opens and it is an example of a ‘growth mindset’.  

“Simply believing change is possible, makes change possible.”  

Stop putting any time or energy into the things that don’t challenge you to play in your greatness.

Your greatness comes from these simple laws as stated by Rod Hairston:

  1. What I focus on, I find.
  2. What I focus on, it seems real.
  3. What I focus on, it grows.
  4. What I focus on, is what I become.

You can do and be anything you desire. The trick is to focus not these four laws and just not to stop.  You only fail when you stop moving forward …..and stop learning and growing!

What areas of your life do you need to move from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset? – Need some help?

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