Your Hidden Wealth

Have you noticed the difference in people when their mind, body and spirit are truly connected?
Here is what you will find:

They are more energetic and in the state of flow.
They feel centered and powerful.
They have turned on their light and it literally glows to those on the outside.

Being in this ‘zone’ allows you to feel connected, and your energy does not flow aimlessly but more like a river. It will guide your life when you are attuned to it and leads you on the path to fulfilling your unique and special purpose for being alive.

It is easy to look around and tell which person is leading a life with high fulfillment and performance. It is a state all of us would like to be in and it is possible.
By allowing our deepest gifts to be used in our life, by allowing our authenticity to shine, and paying attention to what excites us.

It’s no accident that you love the things you love. What you are drawn to, what you are passionate about, what you are good at, are all part of the unique design of YOUR life. When you are aligned with the design of your life, you feel joyful, fulfilled and on purpose.
When you are out of alignment, you get unhappy, suffer and become literally miserable which can spill into even the good in your life. This discomfort is a sign that your life is off track from what you need to be doing.
Although, sometimes things happen for a reason, there are other times they don’t seem to happen for any reason at all. To get anywhere in life requires personal power and inner strength that enable you to weather the storms.

This personal power starts in your mind.

The mind is this huge space, that never gets used properly. No one told us filling this potential space is a priority and every single person should consciously work at it! Every experience, good or bad, from the moment of birth, is stored in your mind. Now that you are grown up, you’ve gone a long way toward filling your mind with thoughts, feelings, memories and all kinds of things.
The most fortunate, happy, centered and successful people have discovered the secret about the mind. For them it is not a radom space for thoughts and feelings, impulses and desires. It’s a place of Hidden Wealth.

Many have no idea that their inner world is keeping them from reaching their goals. Hence, they have developed the habits of a disorganized mind, where much confusion and chaos results in never enough time to get things done, life and distractions crop up always pulling them this way or that, stress mounts up, other people constantly drain their time and energy and more. It is hard for most people to see this. They may be exceptional at what they do and work hard to get external rewards like money, the right job/career, the nice car, and a beautiful home but their inner potential has gone wasted or undiscovered.

Do you find yourself here?

I wouldn’t be able to write this if it wasn’t something I have gone through as well. I can tell you it is important to embrace where you are at and your new awareness. Understanding now that whatever enters your mind will either contribute to success and fulfillment or detract from it, is enough to consciously allow you to make small changes. Choose what you want to ‘house’ in your mind. Choose the ‘perspective’ that will allow you to move forward in your life.

Wondering what can help you make this shift?

Start with these few tips:

1) Awareness: Start where you are. Be aware of what you are allowing in. Where mentally are you resisting? Where could you set better boundaries? What mental state are you in, day in and day out?

2) Know what you want: Define what you want mentally with all your senses. Do you have a crystal clear intention of what you want? What does it look like? What does it ‘feel’ like? When you get there what will it be like? Why is it important to you and why do you really want to do it? Release your imagination and creative sources. Write it down.

3) Organize your thoughts: When we have an orderly mind, we have more success, more peace, more time and more accomplishments. You end up working with yourself instead of against yourself. You also work smarter. Then create the same organization in your life.

4) Choose to be Positive: Bond with other people, seeing things from their perspective. Remain curious and open-minded. Stay centered in what you believe in and what you want to believe in. Nothing you experienced in the past, has a hold over you any longer unless you invite it in.

Implementing these in your daily life will assist you with the way you deal with time, energy and mind. In a very general sense, this is what is meant by connecting the heart and mind in everything you do. Engaging and listening to your spirit can take you away from the autopilot and lonely existence and into a higher plane of meaning and purpose.

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